Rajesthan Royals – IPL 2013

The Shane Warne project is over, he used to be the captain and coach of Rajesthan. Now Rahul Dravid does both of these roles, he also opens the batting. Last year Rajesthan pushed hard to get out the group and only just fell short. I predict them to be even better this year as they have a young side packed with experience.

I like the fact that they have a collection of players who are not big names, but good players. People like Brad Hodge, Owais Shah are good players in T20 cricket. The star man Shane Watson has been off form for a while now and needs to perform if Rajesthan are to do anything. 

Kevon Cooper was a surprise package of last season, he started the tournament on fire, taking many wickets and scoring alot of runs. He made a bit of a name last season but went off the boil, this season will tell if he was playing out of his skin or if he was actually good but the fame got to him. 

Sreesanth will finally get the chance to show himself to the Rajesthan crowd after he was injured for his debut season with the side. The other bowlers who may feature depending on the squad make up include Brad Hogg and Shaun Tait, both are inconstant through age or accuracy. Dravid and Rahane have shown they have a good partnership, both will want to carry this on. It is the first time we get to see Dravid after his retirement. 

Captain: Rahul Dravid
Star Man: Shane Watson
Six Hitter: Brad Hodge
Leading Bowler: Sreesanth
My prediction: Group stage

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