England back to the captaincy drawing board?


After another loss for his side, Alistair Cook seems to have cracked. In a frank press conference after the series loss he told the media that he is considering his captaincy future. The future for England is now very uncertain, if Cook ends his captaincy can he still have a place in the ODI side? Can England have three different captains in the three formats?

What’s next for Cook?

It seems Cook will renounce his ODI captaincy but we are unclear if he will call it quits as test skipper. His place in the test side is still guaranteed on past performance but its a whole different ball game in ODI cricket. He has always seemed a little out of his depth when it comes to the shorter formats of the game. It is unclear if he will actually step down yet and if he has been pushed out. All will become clear in the next few weeks.

Who should England pick?

The candidates to replace Cook seem a little limited. The stand out man in ODI cricket would be Eoin Morgan. The only issue with appointing Morgan as ODI skipper would be England cricket would have two if not three different captains. Broad is the captain of the T20 side but it is clear on performances that he is not really an inspirational figure. Ian Bell could also do the job, it is more likely he will get the role if Cook decides to step down in test cricket also. He would provide continuity by being the captain of both tests and ODI cricket.

From being considered one of the best run sides in international cricket, England now look to be one of the worst run. The future looks uncertain for many senior players, with the kids needing time to settle in.


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