Cricketer’s who didn’t fulfil their potential


Sport has always been littered with people who seemed destined for great things but failed to live up to the hype or potential. For every Tendulkar there will always be a Kambli. Some of the players are injury hit and others just cant handle the pressure, many different reasons can be given. So here is a list of some talented players in modern cricket who have not fulfilled their potential.

1. Mohammed Amir:

This boy was probably the most talented bowler of his generation. He looked to be another classy Pakistani bowler in the mould of past greats. He was the youngest bowler to get to 50 test wickets and it looked like he could have gone to the top of the fast bowling records. His misdemeanour’s have robbed the world of a potential great. He may come back one day but will never be held in the same esteem that he should have been.

2.Shaun Tait:

Shaun Tait came at the back end of the great Australian side, he did win things but will not go down as the player he could have been. The name “wildthing” has never left him, when he burst onto the scene he was part of an attack that included Lee and Johnson. Whist the other two have proved to have achieved more. Injuries did not help the paceman.

3. Graham Hick / Mark Ramprakash

When considering the great batsmen of county cricket these two names will always be at the top of the list. Their careers are very similar in the fact that both were super talented but didn’t make the international scene their own. At youth level Ramprakash was rated just as good as Brian Lara. I believe they played in an era of turbulence in English cricket, meaning that they never had a settled run in the England side. What could have been if they had an arm around their shoulder?

4.Irfan Pathan:

When he first came onto the scene India took note of him. He seemed to be the allrounder that India had craved since Kapil Dev. A fast swing bowler who had a batting game for all outcomes. He has even opened the batting for India. I believe he could have continued to bat in the top order for India, but injuries and mismanagement have taken its toll on him. Ten years on from his international debut Pathan is still in and out the India team. Playing the odd good match in the IPL. Definitely one that got away for India.

5. Mohammed Kaif:

Kaif came to the international stage at a similar time to Yuvraj Singh. He was tipped to be a future captain and mainstay of the Indian side, especially in test cricket. His biggest disappointment must have been that he never got a fair crack of the whip at test level. In all honesty he was a good cricketer but the change to speedy cricket pretty much killed his ODI career. Probably one of the best fielders India had seen before the current crop of players turned up.

6. Shaun Marsh:

Son of a great player he has always had pressure on him. Shaun Marsh is actually a very good player, we are just waiting for him to cement himself in international cricket. We have seen him drift in and out of the Aussie test and ODI side, it looks that he may be given one last chance in test cricket as the number six batsman, lets see if he gets the chance and if he takes the opportunity.

7. Vinod Kambli:

How he is not a great for India is hard to know. He was the other player in the world record partnership stand with Sachin Tendulkar at school level. Kambli was so good that he scored two double centuires and two centuries in his first seven test matches. He will also be remembered by Shane Warne for hitting him for 22 runs in an over, not too many people did that. I believe he was just as talented as Sachin Tendulkar just probably not mentally as tough. Shockingly for such a talented player he played his last test match at the age of 24.

8. Graham Swann:

A surprise inclusion in this list, because Swann did achieve alot during his career. He will go down as one of England’s best spinners but what could have been for Swann? He waited eight years to play his second international game after his first. The reason sited for the exile was his personality clash with senior management and players. Imagine if Swann had played for eight years more? Whats more is that he left his side half way trough a series when the chips were down.

9. James Foster:

This may be bit of a bias vote. I have seen Foster play on many occasions having personally spoken to him, I can say he has to be the most genuine guy in sports. All that aside he was always dubbed as being the best wicketkeeper in England. What surprises me is that he has only ever been called up once to the squad. On that occasion he got injured before the series started and for some reason never got a call up. He also is captaincy material, I guess England have missed the boat with him now.

10: Parthiv Patel:

He made his debut in England as a fresh faced kid. Since this time he should have pushed on and cemented his place into the side as either the main wicketkeeper or just a genuine batsman. Dhoni overtook him in the pecking order as did Dinesh Karthick. Patel was always famed for being a good batsman but even this has not improved in the manor we all thought it could have. I believe a career in indian cricket politics is for him now.


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