Does Kallis ever get the respect he should?

Jaques Kallis

There is no doubt that Jacques Kallis is the greatest South African to play cricket, but does he get the same respect worldwide? When asking someone for an instant answer as to who is the best cricketer of the last ten/twenty years, the normal answers that flow off the tongue are Tendulkar, Warne, Ponting and Murlitharan. His name is not always the first you think of. This is a wrong way of thinking, as he is up there as the greatest ever allrounder.

It seems that outside of South Africa Kallis is regarded as a great player but never mentioned in the same breathe as people such as Lara, Tenulkar or Warne. Also the send off that Kallis received was not not very highly publicised, especially comparing this with other great players to have retired.

For consistency with the bat, ball and field he has to be up there with the above listed players. He has sixty two international centuries to his name,  aswell as a massive five hundred and seventy seven wickets also holding the record for most catches in in test cricket. He may not lead the charts for either wickets or centuries but he is up there in both lists. I hate to compare players from different era’s but his stats rack up better than of Viv Richards, from what I have heard the greatest allrounder ever. The only negative that can be labelled against Kallis is that in his later years as an international player he seemed to play a little bit more of a selfish game. For example on a few occasions the team needed quick runs but he played a slow innings.

If someone was to ask me now who is the greatest cricketer over the last decade, my answer would be:

-The greatest batsman is Sachin Tendulkar

-The greatest bowler is Shane Warne

-The greatest allrounder is Jacques Kallis

Jacques Kallis greatest moments:


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