England, Sangakara, Jayawardene and the end of Yuvraj


The T20 World Cup in Bangladesh was an overwhelming success. For me it was the best international T20 tournament so far. The competition will be remembered for a few things, the first being Kumar Sangakara and Mahela Jayawardene going out of T20 cricket with a bang. The second being England’s total capitulation against The Netherlands and the last being the slow decline of another great Yuvraj Singh.

Although India played well throughout the tournament they were definitely the second best side in the final. Sri Lanka had plenty of experiences in how to lose a major final, but this time they always looked in control of the game. The ending of two of the worlds great players T20 careers was almost the stuff of dreams. Both Sangakara and Jayawardene had been part of great Sri Lankan teams which bravely lost so many finals. It would have been a real shame for them to retire without any silverware to show. They have one more chance in limited overs cricket, the 2015 world cup will be the ending of their ODI careers. Surely they cannot repeat this feat can they?

The two best friends have always been at ease in the international game, breaking many records. It will be fun to see how Sri Lanka will play without their two talismanic figures when they line up against England on the 20th May at the Kia Oval.  It will be a hard few years when they totally call it quits, for Sri Lanka.

England had a very interesting winter, cumulating in the terrible T20 world cup. Not only did they lose all the matches in Australia, they topped it all by embarrassing themselves against The Netherlands. What was very evident for is that Stuart Broad is not a real captain. I read an interesting quote from someone on my twitter feed, (sorry I cant remember who). He said “some people are generals and others are soldiers, Broad is a soldier.” It is not really a secret that Ashley Giles is going to be the next England coach. From the looks of the winter it seems to be the wrong choice, only time will tell.

Finally a real sad sight for Indian cricket was the decline of Yuvraj Singh. He cannot be held solely to blame for India’s loss in the final but he played a major role in it. He has been one of India’s greatest players playing major roles in past glories. The six 6’s against England was what set up India to win the first T20 world cup. He was voted the player of the tournament in the last world cup which India won. Coming back from cancer was a massive battle for him, thankfully he has won. After this he has not been the same player he was.

He is now fit and looking as slim as he has ever been but there seems to be something slightly missing. He is getting in and then getting out. The performance in the final was very unlike him. I do wonder how much more of Yuvraj we will see when players such as Binny, Shikar Dhawan were sitting on the sidelines. This may not be the end as Yuvraj is a fighter he may have one more comeback in him. I wish him well, hopefully he can find form with his new side RCB in the IPL.

What are your best memories of Kumar Sangakara and Mahela Jayawardene? Will Yuvraj make another comeback and who should captain England in T20/limited overs cricket? Please let me know below. 


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