England Cricket Past Record May Prove Too Much for James Anderson!


The bizarre claims and counter claims in the James Anderson – Ravindra Jadeja affair are now souring relationships between the two sides. This after the long running feud between the two super power boards came to an end. This could potentially restart the cold war between the two boards.

The incident is said to have happened off the field where there were no running camera’s the only witnesses were a few England players and Ashwin and Gambhir of India. So it essentially is the word of English players against the Indian players. If found guilty the England bowler faces up to four matches in the sidelines while the Indian Jadeja faces a two match ban.

I do not know what exactly happened but feel very upset with the comments of Alistair Cook, he accused India of a planned conspiracy to get rid of Anderson from the series. This is a very big allegation that he has made. The statement has no real basis and therefor another example of England breaking the spirit of the game rule they so often beat other sides with.

Who knows what Anderson and Jadeja did to each other but looking at England’s past record they have been very fortunate not to receive any penalty. There is no team that has received as lenient time of it with the slow over rate rule. England have on many occasions bent these rulings to take the sting out of games forcing a draw where the other side were in poll position to win.

Whats more is the Senanayake incident, England were warned on multiple occasions that Butler was moving off his crease. When he didn’t stop doing this Alistair Cook once again accused Sri Lanka of breaking the spirit of the game. He failed to mention the Stuart Broad offence of the previous summer. An incident that still leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. Especially after Broad senior banned Dinesh Ramdin for something a lot less and then boasted on BBC Radio 5 Live after his son committed this offence that he was within his right to stand his ground.

For this incident and the ousting of Kevin Pietersen I hate Stuart Broad!

The past actions of the England cricket team will most likely put extra pressure onto the powers that be to make a tough decision. That’s pretty unlucky for both Anderson and Jadeja who will both probably face a ban.


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