Will Kohli break the ODI Century record?

kohli-indiaModern India. Probably the most cricket mad nation on this planet. If you can make it as a cricketer in India you will probably have made it. One man who definitely falls into this category is vice captain Virat Kohli. He has the Bollywood actress girlfriend, millions of fans world wide, millions in the bank and is heir to the biggest captaincy job in world sport. What more could a man ask for?

Well he may have his eyes on yet another record. In my opinion he could challenge the magnificent ODI test centuries record set by Sachin Tendulkar. This a record that many feel is unbeatable. I feel it is very attainable for Kohli. If we compare the stats then there is not much splitting them.

Before starting this comparison I would like to state my love for Sachin Tendulkar. For me he is the best batsman that I have ever seen and most likely the inspiration for players such as Virat Kohli. If we were to ask Kohli he probably would agree that Tendulkar was a better player. The stats do not include test cricket where the little master would rule and do not take into account the longevity of Sachin’s full career, it simply is a snapshot of both the stars at 26 years old.

Sachin Kohli
Age 26 26
100’s 27 21
50’s 38 33
ODI Matches 198 146
Strike Rate 88.96 90.50
Average 45.66 52.61


Saying all that out of all the current international cricket players Virat has the best chance to break this record. Whether he can is another question. Despite him only turning 26 last month he has 21 centuries to his name already. Thats still a staggering 28 behind Tendulkars 49 total ODI centuries.

What can be gained from this is Kohli’s better strike rate at the same age. If we take into account the number of games needed to score a century Sachin would score a ton every 8 games, while Kohli scores a century every 7th game. 

If we were to take this one step further. We could deduce that if Virat Kohli scored a century at the same rate after the same amount of games (198) he would be one century ahead of Sachin.

Although both players have a high average, Kohli wins again. We can’t make to much of this stat as it is affected by players remaing not out in games. Kohli has always batted at number 3 or lower so he is more likely than Sachin to stay not out. It does however show consistency, and this raises expectancy for him to carry this on.

Another factor to consider that much of Sachin Tendulkar’s ODI career was spent opening the batting. Contrast this to Kohli who has rarely opened if at all for India. Add to this the pressure of being the future captain and Kohli really is starting to look like a genuine challenger.

Sachin had great longevity in the game, Virat looks to have a good fitness level as well as hunger to achieve great things. Who knows if in 10 years time we are reading articles on Virat Kohli being the record holder in ODI cricket for the most centuries. All we know is that he has the potential and time to smash this record so don’t rule anything out.

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