End of Dhoni’s Reign?

I am the biggest MS Dhoni fan. In my opinion he has been an outstanding captain of India, taking the side to number 1 in test cricket (briefly) as well as his magnificent ODI and T20 world cups. Is he better than Ganguly? That is debatable, but in terms of achievements I believe him to be up there with the very best.  As the saying goes, all good things come to an end. It may well be the end for Dhoni’s captaincy.

This comes on the back of some very impressive captains performances form the eager Virat Kohli. Previously there was no one ready to take the burden off MS Dhoni, but it is clear that Virat is ready. So I am all for change now. It is said that the best captains need time to develop so why not invest time in the younger man now?

Sorry Dhoni but the shot you played when your side needed you in the last test did you no favours.


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