Good news on the injury front for India

After a few weeks of injury concerns it seems that Ravindran Jadeja and Ishant Sharma will be both be fit for the world cup. Dhoni confirmed this news at his pre-game press conference in the build up to India’s key games against Australia and England. He also delivered news that suggests that Rohit Sharma is in the same boat as Ishant and Jadeja.

All three key players should be ok for the world cup but their match fitness may be a problem. Jadeja has not been involved in the side for a while now so he will need the group stage to get back into the swing of things. In my opinion he is the most crucial player for India, so it is imperative that they manage his injury.

Ishant will be the key bowler in Australia. For India to have any chance of doing anything he will need to be fit. The good news on these injuries will probably still mean that we won’t see them in the tri series. It is better that they don’t play anyway seeing as the world cup is the bigger prize.


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