Steve Smith is the future but Clarke is NOW!

Australia are my favourites to the win the 2015 Cricket World. So I ask myself why they would put themselves through a situation that could rock the boat. The injury situation with Michael Clark is unfortunate but surely any change of ODI permeant captain could wait.

Steve Smith has earned the right to be the heir in waiting, ahead of the likes of George Bailey and Cameron White. The reason for this is that he is guaranteed to play at the moment. Given the strength of Australia’s batting I feel that a risk can be taken on the fitness of Michael Clark. If he is likely to regain fitness at any time during the world cup he has to be in.

If he is not to be fit at all for the world cup then I still feel that announcing a new permanent captain would be (1) disrespectful to Clark who has been a great captain and (2) cause different news right before the world cup. Any such announcement can be brushed aside after the world cup.

If the reason to change him as skipper is political then it is an absolute joke. I feel it probably is more down to fitness concerns. Will Clarke ever play ODI cricket again if he is not able to regain fitness during the world cup? Whatever happens injury has tormented Michael Clark I just hope he can recover in time for us to see the great player that he is.


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