England Again The International Laughing Stock

It really does not surprise me that England have been knocked out of the World Cup. They have been poor in ODI cricket for a very long time now. The blame for this has to be with the England selectors, the first mistake was to appoint Alister Cook as captain of the ODI side. At the time of his appointment as the limited overs skipper he was not even in the side.

The decision to make Cook the ODI captain was taken in a boardroom some where, a decision to please the old toffs that run the game in this country. Cook is a man that ticks all the boxes for the selectors.  He is bright and articulate, he fits in with the social cricketing elite but quite frankly he is not the fit ODI cricket.

The second mistake was to replace Cook so late. He played all summer and the majority of the Sri Lanka tour as captain only to be replaced. It is not Eoin Morgan’s fault that he got thrusted into the role, especially when he was really off form. The pressure on him increased when he took on the burden.

The other issue that England have faced is the style of play. They prefer to have nudgers and needlers in the side, Cook, Bell and Balance. The squad was pretty consistent throughout the four years in between world cups and then all of a sudden Balance is thrust in. Bopper having been one of the most consistent players did not even get a game at the world cup. They need a total overhaul of English cricket. It has been left way behind all the other test playing nations when it comes to ODI and T20 cricket.


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