Kohli enters the top 20 of century makers


It seems that Virat Kohli is intent on making the most of his time as an international cricketer, by breaking as many records as he can. With his double century in the last test he has now climbed into the all time top 20 of century makers. The question is where can he finish in the list, when his career ends?

Country Centuries
1 Tendulkar  India 100
2 Ponting  Australia 71
3 Sangakkara  Sri Lanka 63
4 Kallis  South Africa 62
5 Jayawardene  Sri Lanka 54
6 Lara  West Indies 53
7 Dravid  India 48
8 Amla  South Africa 48
9 AB de Villiers  South Africa 45
10 Jayasuriya  Sri Lanka 42
11 Chanderpaul  West Indies 41
12 Hayden  Australia 40
13 Mohammad Yousuf  Pakistan 39
14 Dilshan  Sri Lanka 39
15 Gayle  West Indies 39
16 Younus Khan  Pakistan 39
17 Waugh  Australia 38
18 Ganguly  India 38
19 Sehwag  India 38
20 Kohli  India 38

Kohli joins some of the greats of the game on the list, and has over taken some other talented cricketers in the process. He has leap frogged both Graeme Smith and Michael Clark with his last two centuries.

It is interesting that out of all the players playing currently he is the youngest. The likes of Gayle, Amla, De Villiars are all significantly older. It should also be noted that Virat Kohli is potentially only 2 centuries away from being in the top 10.

If we were to compare only ODI centuries, then Kohli would be number 5 in the list. Since India’s failed tour of Australia last winter it seems that Kohl has also taken great steps in the longer format of the game. He currently has the same amount of centuries as two Indian greats and the great Steve Waugh.

I have calculated that if he continues to play for the next 7 years taking him up to 34 years of age scoring an average of 5 centuries a calendar year he will be just ahead of Rikky Ponting. Finishing around the 73 century mark, the calculated figure is actually relatively conservative as it seems that Kohli could play for much longer given his fitness.

I personally think Virat Kohli will finish up a lot closer to the 90 century mark. Lets just wait and see what happens.

Please let me know of your prediction of how many centuries he will make below.


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