Bowling the issue for England


England were well and truly sent packing home from India after the recent test series. This after Ian Botham and Nassir Hussain celebrated the draw in the first test as if it was a sign that England would win the series.

There is no question that English cricket is on the up, especially the shorter formats where England now have an exciting group of younger players. What I noticed in the test series was a pretty poor bowling performance.

James Anderson had his little moan about Kohli and the pitches, almost suggesting that he is a flop outside of India. Well he forgets that Virat Kohli has centuries in Australia, South Africa and West Indies. He also forgets that outside of English conditions where the ball swings he is actually not very affective anymore.

For the sake of debate lets just say that Anderson and Broad are currently the best bowlers in world cricket (I don’t believe this!!) If we compare the performance of Umesh Yadav against that of Anderson or Broad in this series they were seriously outclassed. Okay Yadav, Shami and Bhuvneshwar Kumar need to show this outside of India, but recent performances have been positive.

What happens to England’s bowling once Broad and Anderson go? There is Stokes who has also outperformed the earlier mentioned due throughout the Asia tours, then the inconsistent Finn and a lot of young inexperienced fast bowlers.

On the brightside for England they seem to have found two more star batsman for the future in Hammed and Jennings to add to Cook, Root, Bairstow and Butler.


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